Why Netgear WiFi Not Working [Solved]

Netgear WiFi router provide us an web interface utility that help you to enable amazing features, upgrade your router, add new passwords, and much more.

The Netgear router can be accessible through your computer via Just connect a computer to the Netgear router and open its web browser, search the login URL, then you will reach the interface dashboard.

But, this can also trouble you with some technical issues like interface not working or the login URL not responding. If you are also getting problem from URL, then you can take help from this article.

Here, you will read reasons why your Netgear router’s interface URL is not working. Then, we will provide you tips and solutions to fix the above mentioned problem.

Why URL is Not Working?

In this section you will see possible reasons why your Netgear WiFi login URL is not working. Let’s list all the possible reasons of mentioned technical issue.

  1. Weak internet network connection while logging in to the interface also a reason of the mentioned issue.
  2. Networking interruptions caused by electronic devices can also trouble you with technical errors.
  3. Weak link between Router and modem can also cause this not working problem.
  4. One other reason of this issue is using damaged cable like Ethernet cable and power cords for connections and supply power to router.
  5. Using incorrect login URL will not take you anywhere. Also using the wrong username and password can trouble you with similar problem.

These are some possible reasons why Netgear URL not working. Now, have a look at a section that provides solutions to fix the interface technical issues.

How to Fix Not Working Issue?

Down here you will learn some solution and tips to fix the not working issue. Let’s start this section right away.

  1. Shift Router Away From Electronic Device

As you seen above the network interruptions are caused by electronic devices like microwave oven. Make sure your router is on optimal location. If you find any electronic device near Netgear WiFi router, then shift it to another optimal spot in your home.

  1. Search And Replace Damaged Cables

Damaged cables like Ethernet cable that is used to connect other network device and power cord, which is used to supply power to the router can cause the same problem. Check every cable connected to the router. If you find any damaged cable, then replace it with a new one quickly.

  1. Correct WiFi Router to Modem Link

Modem to router link plays the most important part in establishing router network in your home. So, you must check that the router is correctly connected to the modem. The connection pattern to insert the Ethernet cable is WAN port of the router and LAN cable of the modem.

  1. Use Up-to-Date Web Browser

To search and reach the interface login page, you must use updated internet browser of the computer. You can easily update browser by following simple steps given down here.

  • Go to the browser’s settings and select the ABOUT option.
  • Simply, click on the UPDATE button to start the upgrade browser.
  1. Reboot Netgear WiFi Router

If you can’t find any solution from above given tips, then you can reboot your Netgear WiFi router by applying some easy steps.

  • Find and press the power button twice on the router.
  • The first time press will start the reboot process.
  • The second time press will end the restart process.

Ending Lines

In this article, you have read out the possible reasons why login URL is not working. Then we have added a section that helps you to solve the login URL not responding issue. Hope, you have read the article and solved the above mentioned problem.

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