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Hybrid Haven: Craft an Office that Thrives in the New Work Era

Office spaces have transformed significantly since the pandemic and both employers and employees are in favour of the hybrid work routine. However, traditional office spaces aren’t cut out to handle this hybrid workforce.

That’s where hybrid workspaces come in. You can lease out one of the offices at a commercial real estate development in Kelowna and Fraser Valley and redesign it to align with the needs of your employees. However, before that, you need to be clear about the design requirements.

Essential design tips for a hybrid office:

1. A casual and adaptable common space

A hybrid workforce functions in varying shifts. A team that has been working from home for a week may need to show up at the office the next week and the shifts for other teams change accordingly. That means you need a social anchor where employees with different routines and schedules can mingle and bond.

You can achieve this through a common and casual shared space. Commercial real estate in Kelowna BC has such shared spaces. You can go a step further by making those spaces adaptable with lounges, modular tables, a snack refrigerator, and a giant TV. At most times, this is the space where your employees unwind and relax. However, it can be quickly converted into a collaborative workspace when necessary. This increases efficiency and also promotes flexibility.

2. Fewer desks

As more employees opt to work remotely and visit the office less frequently, there’s no need for dedicated desks. A hybrid workspace has fewer and a more dynamic arrangement. Desks are shared on an ad-hoc basis to lessen redundant office spaces and maximise the efficiency of spaces.

When you lease a commercial space in Kelowna, choose one that allows you to integrate this feature seamlessly. This also increases employee interaction and collaboration since no one needs to be confined to a single desk. Fewer desks also help you cut down on operational costs significantly.

3. Dedicated meeting spaces

Meeting spaces are private sanctuaries in a hybrid office. While they don’t need to be abundant, they must be designed well enough for conducting client and team meetings and for collaborative efforts. It must isolate surrounding noise and provide a calm and silent atmosphere.

If the boundaries are made from glass, they need to be adjustable and turn opaque with the touch of a button to protect client confidentiality and sensitive data from unintended eyes. When you lease an office property in Kelowna, make sure to add rough meeting rooms to fulfil the needs of at least two teams at the same time.

Your meeting spaces should adobe equipped with modern goodies for the hybrid routine. To make your meeting rooms hybrid-ready:

  • Add a large TV with segmented screen space or a bunch of different TVs
  • Focus a webcam on the whiteboard for enhanced visibility
  • Add a 360-degree high-resolution camera that captures every participant in the room.
  • A touchscreen TV that is made for attending Zoom calls and allows every participant on either side of the screen to interact with the content.

4. Isolated booths or desks

Isolated booths are a must for office spaces in the modern era. They are tiny versions of soundproof meeting spaces that allow your employees to attend private calls or just focus in an isolated environment for a few minutes. Apart from booths you also need a few isolated desks.

Most people prefer to work remotely and some of them find it very challenging to concentrate in a crowded office. That’s why isolated desks are necessary. This modification wouldn’t cost a lot of money either. You can simply choose corner desks as isolated desks, add a modular boundary to them, and pair them with good noise-cancelling headphones.

5. Pantries and coffee shops

Pantries and coffee shops are probably the most important places in your hybrid office. They are like glues that keep people together by making room for informal conversations. People talk about all kinds of things over lunch, coffee, and snacks and any office is incomplete without it. These spaces are great at busting stress and increasing productivity. Choose a commercial Kelowna development that has these facilities in its office space.

Yes, remote work is changing the landscape of office spaces and it’s for the better. Hybrid workspaces don’t just keep your employees happier but also create a welcoming office space. Use these tips to turn your office space into a work haven.

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