Joe Burrow’s Favorite Designers and Brands

In just his second season after being picked with the league’s first overall choice, Joe Burrow has already checked a lot of the boxes you’d like and expect from your starting quarterback on and off the field.

Burrow has been sporting Cartier sunglasses since the playoffs last season.

Chidobe Awuzie, a Bengals cornerback, said the two went to a Cartier store in Las Vegas last summer, when a staffer recommended an item that “this guy Joe Burrow” made “very popular,” without understanding she was speaking about the Bengals quarterback himself.

A look at Joe Burrow’s most memorable clothes from the 2023 season. 

Joe Burrow is well-known among Cincinnati Bengals fans for his golden arm and assured play on the field. Those who watch his every move, however, recognize him for another key feature: his distinct fashion sense.


Burrow’s costume drew global attention, winning him a spot on the New York Times’ list of the year’s most fashionable persons.The gunslinger doesn’t only dress to impress.


He dressed to win.


In anticipation of the Bengals’ second consecutive postseason appearance, we looked back at some of Joey B’s most famous fashion choices from the 2022 season.


However, be cautious: this information may include excessive leak.

Enhance My Burrow


donning a black turtleneck, a fur coat, and an ice Nike chain (which he revealed was made of genuine diamonds during a press conference). The look divided Twitter, but disregard the naysayers – this was Burrow at his most swaggering. Complex Sports tweeted the now-famous image of Burrow in his look-at-me attire, and we should have all known that a Super Bowl berth was unavoidable. Complex Sports stated, “It was over when Joe Burrow arrived in Kansas City like this.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson even compared Burrow’s appearance to Johnson’s meme-worthy black turtleneck, chain, and fanny pack shot on his own Twitter, adding, “Just two bad ass dudes with a strong drip game and big football dreams.” One will go to the

Joe Burrow has been named one of the New York Times’ ‘Most Stylish’ People of 2023.

He hasn’t been afraid to make a fashion statement with his pregame attire. Burrow has a broad sense of style, wearing Cartier eyewear, smart suits, other laid-back outfits, and Spongebob inspired stuff.


Burrow was named to the Times’ list for his AFC Championship team.


“The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback’s Instagram post ahead of this year’s A.F.C. Championship game said it all: ‘Cartier glasses, I won’t even peek at you,'” the article said.


The quarterback was also dubbed “Joey Flowers” by the New York Times for his floral-print suit he wore to this season’s Thursday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins.


Joe Burrow is an excellent match. Belongs to Everyone

Joe Burrow came into Arrowhead Stadium two Sundays ago for the A.F.C. championship game wearing a black turtleneck, rimless sunglasses, a brilliant diamond pendant — and a Sherpa jacket adorned with hearts that would soon become an internet curiosity.


The coat was created on an iPad in southeast Ohio by the younger brother of one of Burrow’s oldest and best friends, rather than at the fashion houses of Milan, Paris, or New York. Micah Saltzman, 21, sends him samples from every collection of his clothing business, Live2Love, but he had no idea Burrow would be wearing the jacket until images started circulating on social media.


If the primary historical discussions in other sports revolve on the Greatest of All Time title, the N.F.L.’s myth making machine loves nothing more than a star at the glamour position who has appeal to even casual viewers across race, ethnicity, culture, and class lines. As the age of white players like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers comes to an end, multiple Black quarterbacks ranging from Patrick Mahomes to Lamar Jackson to Kyler Murray are poised to dominate for years.

Joe Burrow Long Hair – A Vintage Hairstyle

Joe Burrow is a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. Joe Burrow is not a fashionista; as a result, we have always seen him with a specific hairdo.


Joe Burrow has never appeared with long hair because he has spent the majority of his professional career with medium short hairstyles.

Joe Burrow, did you have long hair?

Joe Burrow wore his short trademark hairdo throughout his professional football career. Joe did, however, wear his hair long for a short time during his early career. This lengthy hairdo suited Joe Burrow as a young promising footballer at the time.


Here are some lengthy hairstyles by Joe Burrow that our hairstyle expert selected. So, without further ado, let’s get to Joe Burrow’s lengthy hairstyles.

Meet Joe Burrow’s new hairstylist.

Darnell Bonner is the proprietor of “Nell’s Barbershop” in Florence, Kentucky. He has worked with some of the biggest stars in Cincinnati sports, including Joe Burrow, Tyler Boyd, and B.J. Hill of the Bengals. He also cuts the hair of Reds pitcher Hunter Greene.

Joe Burrow is looking great in camp.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ official Twitter account just posted a video of Joe Burrow sporting a headband.


Naturally, fans went beyond the initial objective to note a few other things about the star QB, such as the fact that his hair is longer, his muscles are more. We truly missed seeing him on the field.


Yes, it’s the offseason, but look at this man and try not to get excited

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