How-to Guide: Fix Red Light on WiFi Router Issue

WiFi routers are the best networking devices that a lot many users are considering today. So, if you also want to get internet range to access everywhere in your home, you must opt for a router and install it. But, despite of being such an amazing device, WiFi routers are also prone to technical issues. And, one such issue that 9 out of 10 users daily experience and report is the red light issue. If you are also experiencing the same issue and eagerly waiting for the fixes to resolve it, then this how-to post is for you. In this article, you have shed light on how to fix red Light on WiFi router issue. Hence, wait no more and continue to read.

The fixes we have provided here can be used for troubleshooting red light issue of any WiFi router brand.

Fix WiFi Router Red Light Issue

Here are the best troubleshooting tips that will help you get rid of WiFi router red light issue in a jiffy:

Check the Power Supply

The red light issue is caused if non-steady or fluctuated power is being supplied to your WiFi router. Hence, to deal with the issue, you must ensure that your router is operating on a steady power. Also, you need to have a quick look at the power socket in to which your WiFi router is plugged in. Just make sure that the router’s power socket is in working condition. If you find the socket damaged, avoid plugging it in.

Relocate Your WiFi Router

If providing a steady power supply to your router from a working wall outlet doesn’t work for you, then you should think about changing its location. Yes, you read it right! The correct placement plays a very import role in the well-working of the router and fixing the red light issue. So, change the router’s present location right away. When you change the location of your router, make sure that you won’t place it away from your internet modem, inside a cabinet, or on a lower surface.

Connect WiFi Router and Internet Modem

If there is no connection between your WiFi router and internet modem, then also you may experience the red light issue. So, ensure to place them closer and make them connected always using a wired source.

Update Router Firmware

An outdated firmware version on the router is the biggest cause behind getting the red light issue. For fixing the issue and to make the most out of your WiFi router, update its firmware right away. Also, updating the router’s firmware ensures that you will get its boosted performance to experience and uninterrupted WiFi to access everything you perform the firmware update process.

And, in case, you aren’t satisfied with the router’s internet experience and range and you want more, then opt for Google WiFi. And, once you have it, connect Google WiFi to existing router. Thereafter, see the difference between existing internet range, and after installing Google WiFi internet range.

Wondering about how to connect Google WiFi and your existing router? Wonder no more? Just click on the highlighted term and get complete instructions to connect the devices at your fingertips.

Restart Your WiFi Router

Even after trying all the fixes highlighted above, you are still unable to overcome the red light issue? Yes? Well, it means the reason is something else. Look, no matter what the reason is, know that we are always beside you.

It is because of technical glitches that you are still getting annoyed with the WiFi router red light issue. To deal with it, you must try restarting your router once.

To restart your WiFi router, here’s what to do:

Step 1: First of all, disconnect your WiFi router and internet modem. And, if you have connected your Google WiFi to router, consider disconnecting them as well.

Step 2: After disconnecting the devices, unplug your WiFi router and wait for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Turn the WiFi router on and reconnect it with your disconnected devices.

Until you are done with the last step, the red light issue will be fixed already.

The Last Words

With the hope of helping you, we are about to end this article. We really hope that you are not getting annoyed with the red light issue anymore. If the issue still persists, try pushing the WPS button on your WiFi router once and see if it works.

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