Who are top oncologist in kolkata for Cancer care

Oncologist in Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is home to some of the most renowned oncology centres and specialists in Eastern India. The city houses state-of-the-art cancer hospitals equipped with the latest technologies for screening, diagnosis and treatment. The best Oncologist in kolkata here are not just well-qualified and experienced, but also deeply committed to their patients.

These doctors provide comprehensive, compassionate care every step of the way – from initial consultations to developing targeted treatment plans to managing side effects. Whether it is complex surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy, patients can find expert care within the city. The treatment plans are personalized based on the patient’s lifestyle, type of cancer, stage and overall health.


The oncologists also focus on counselling, pain management, rehabilitation services and help groups to improve the quality of life of patients. They collaborate with researchers and participate in clinical trials to bring the latest treatment advancements to patients in Kolkata. Oncologists here are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of cancer patients across the city.

Kolkata is home to some of the most reputed cancer hospitals and oncologists in Eastern India. From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation, oncologists in Kolkata provide complete care to cancer patients with expertise and compassion.

Understanding Cancer Care

  • Oncology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and tumours. It involves therapies like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.
  • Oncologists specialize in particular cancer types based on affected organs like the breast, lungs, stomach, and ovaries.
  • Medical, surgical, radiation, and pediatric oncology are some common sub-specialties.
  • A multidisciplinary approach is followed involving oncologists, radiologists, physios, and counsellors.
  • Treatment success depends on the type and spread of cancer along with early detection.

Renowned Oncologist in Kolkata

  • Dr. Devi Shetty – Chairman and Senior Consultant at Narayana Health City. Expertise in surgical oncology including radical cancer surgeries. A pioneer in affordable cancer care.
  • Dr. Premanshu Bhattacharya – Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology at Fortis Hospital. Specializes in immunotherapy, targeted therapy and precision medicine for cancer.
  • Dr. Ranjan Bharadwaj – Director, Department of Surgical Oncology at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals. Skilled in minimally invasive oncological surgeries. Expert in gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Dr. Vikram Kekatpure – Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology at AMRI Hospitals. Specializes in lung, head and neck cancers. Involved in multiple clinical trials.
  • Dr. Satyajit Pradhan – Consultant, Radiation Oncology at Tata Medical Center. Expertise in advanced radiation techniques like IMRT, IGRT, and SRS for various cancers.
  • Dr. Sidhartha Das – Chairman, Department of Neuro-Oncology at Medica Superspecialty Hospital. Specializes in brain tumours and neuro-oncological surgeries.
  • Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh – Founder and Director at Genesis Hospital. Expert in breast cancer surgery and oncoplastic surgery.
  • Dr. Amal Chandra Kataki – Director, Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute. Renowned for cancer epidemiology and biostatistics research.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care in Kolkata

  • Leading hospitals like Tata Medical Center, Apollo Gleneagles, HCG Kolkata and AMRI Hospitals have established multidisciplinary tumour boards comprising specialists from different streams.
  • These tumour boards review complex cancer cases and provide accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment plans.
  • Patients have access to comprehensive services including medical, surgical and radiation oncology, palliative medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, psycho-oncology support etc.
  • Dedicated cancer rehabilitation centres provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to help patients recover after treatment.
  • For cancer patients in the terminal stage, palliative care specialists work on managing pain and symptoms to improve quality of life.
  • Onco-pathologists study biopsy samples to identify cancer types and conduct molecular profiling.
  • Radiologists use imaging tests like mammograms, and CT scans for screening and accurate diagnosis.
  • The hospitals collaborate with international cancer organisations to implement the latest treatments and clinical research.
  • Support groups and NGOs conduct workshops to spread awareness about cancer.
  • Kolkata also hosts the annual academic forum MASICON (Mid West & South East Asia Conference on Multidisciplinary Cancer Management) focusing on integrated cancer care.

Integrative Cancer Care

  • Oncologist in kolkata also recommends complementary therapies like art, music, and yoga therapy.
  • Nutritionists to provide dietary counseling.
  • Tie-ups with international cancer centres for advancing diagnostics and treatment.
  • Workshops conducted to increase public awareness about cancer.
  • Use of IGRT, and IMRT techniques for precisely targeted radiation therapy.


With extensive experience, a patient-centric approach and the adoption of the latest technologies, oncologist in Kolkata provide holistic cancer care – from diagnosis to recovery. Their passion and skills give hope to all those fighting cancer.

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