Weather Wonders: Illustrated Insights through Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a type of explainer video that allows you to easily convey complex ideas to your audience. The same holds for weather insights, which you can effectively illustrate via such videos. Besides, we have dedicated this post to the same concern. That is, how animated videos in the whiteboard format can convey weather insights. Before we dive into our main topic, we shall talk about the following in our post:

  • What Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos Are
  • Essential Components of Whiteboard Explainers

What Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos Are

Whiteboard animated explainers are fundamentally educational videos that focus on illustrating a specific topic. They allow you to convey complex ideas to your target audience with the aid of animated characters and elements.

Moreover, businesses use whiteboard explainers for conveying complex ideas because of the following reasons:

  • Animated videos in the whiteboard format successfully grab and hold viewers’ attention.
  • The same video types can effectively show the link between two ideas.
  • First and foremost, these videos make it easier for audiences to understand complex topics.

Furthermore, whiteboard animation services specialize in creating whiteboard explainers for individuals and businesses. Often, you will find these videos on social media platforms and websites of businesses. Not to mention, the same video types are perfect for illustrating weather insights and can do wonders in that respect.

Essential Components of Whiteboard Explainers

The following are the essential components of whiteboard animated explainers:

1.      The Focus

It means what your video is about or what message you want to get across with your video.

2.      A Whiteboard

Whiteboard animated explainers feature a whiteboard or a white background, which shifts viewers’ focus to their animated elements.

3.      Animated Elements and Characters

Animated elements and characters in whiteboard animated videos help viewers understand the topics they convey.

4.      Transitions

Often, you will find transitions in whiteboard explainers to keep the viewer’s attention while navigating between ideas and scenes.

5.      Voice-Over

Mostly, whiteboard-style explainer videos use a voice-over paired with animations to explain the topics of the videos.

Weather Wonders – Whiteboard Animation for Illustrations

There are various ways you can exploit whiteboard animation to illustrate weather-related concepts, topics, or ideas. We have talked about them below:

1.      Depiction of Fundamental Weather Concepts

You can leverage whiteboard-style explainer videos to depict fundamental weather concepts to your audience. As an example, you can use them to explain concepts like the water cycle and atmospheric pressure.

As a matter of fact, whiteboard animated videos allow you to fascinatingly depict the aforementioned concepts. Thanks to the mesmerizing visuals they entail! Moreover, including the voice-over in your whiteboard videos can help you better illustrate fundamental weather concepts to the audience.

2.      Explanation of Interesting Weather-Related Changes 

Exploiting whiteboard-style animated explainer videos, you can explain interesting weather-related conditions to your audience. As an example, you can utilize the same video types to explain the science behind monsoons and tornadoes.

Not to mention, using whiteboard animations to explain interesting weather-related conditions makes your explanations more interesting for audiences. So, you should deploy them for the same reason.

3.      Emphasizing Local Weather Patterns

You may target your whiteboard-style explainers emphasizing local weather patterns to specific audiences. Then, you should tailor the content of your whiteboard animation in a way that resonates with such an audience. It can help you effectively convey weather patterns to the local audience you are targeting.

Additionally, you can incorporate some humor in your whiteboard-style explainers. It will allow your audience to receive your message in a fun and light-hearted manner.

These are various ways whiteboard-style videos can do wonders to successfully illustrate weather insights. However, you need to get your whiteboard animated videos right to effectively convey your message to audiences via them. We are going to share some handy tips in this regard next.

Tips to Follow to Keep Your Whiteboard Animated Videos Rights

The following are the tips you can keep in mind to make sure you get your whiteboard animated videos right:

1.      Keep Illustrations Clear and Message Concise

You should keep your illustrations clear in whiteboard-style explainers while leveraging easy-to-understand visuals. At the same time, you should keep your message in the video concise to get it across to your audience.

2.      Incorporate Transitions Wisely

In order to clearly communicate weather-related topics, you should use transitions in whiteboard-style explainers wisely. That is, linking two ideas in a way that allows your audience to easily navigate between scenes.

3.      Keep a Coherent Color Scheme

You should use colors in your whiteboard animation that perfectly resonate with your video. At the same time, ensure that the coherent color scheme you use is appealing and easy on the eyes.

4.      Keep Your Video Short

In order to best explain weather-related topics while relying on whiteboard-style explainers, keep the videos short. Ideally, you should aim for 30 to 90-second whiteboard-style explainers to convey your message to the audience.

5.      Use a Clear Voice-Over

Using a clear voice-over in your weather-related whiteboard explainers can enhance their appeal. Most importantly, it will make your message more comprehensible for the target audience, watching the same videos.

6.      Include a CTA (Call to Action)

When you are creating whiteboard-style videos to encourage your audience to take some action, incorporate CTA in them. It allows you to encourage your audience to take the action you want them to take after watching your video. So, you should leverage the power of CTA in your whiteboard animated explainer videos.


Whiteboard animated explainer videos allow you to easily convey complex ideas to the target audience. By the same token, these videos are excellent for illustrating weather insights. Focus, whiteboard, and animated characters are some of the essential components of whiteboard videos. You can exploit whiteboard animation to depict basic weather concepts, explain interesting weather-related changes, and more. Adhering to certain tips, you can make your weather-related whiteboard explainers stand out. Keep your illustrations short, use a clear voice-over, and include a CTA, to mention some of those tips. To wrap up, whiteboard animated explainers can unquestionably do wonders when it comes to the weather.

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