Top 7 Varieties in Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes often hang off your body’s frame without displaying skin or confining you. When someone wears an enormous top, they usually complement it with comfy slacks, socks, and shoes.

1. Denim Jackets

An enormous denim jacket is definitely one of those pieces that require the assistance of a companion. However, the style of the jacket itself is vital, and make sure you’ve found a decent vintage number, where traces of wear and tear will only work to enhance rather than detract from it. Anything made of denim is a workhorse, whether it’s a shirt, shorts, or pants, and the jacket is no exception. Here are some ideas after you’ve determined your massive figure:


Wear it with a vintage cotton floating-fit dress and lace-up boots.

Wear it with a simple or patterned shirt and straight-leg pants.

Pair with a vest top and a pair of bright pants, such as cargo trousers or shorts.


Dress it up with a fresh white shirt, either fitted or roomy.

Put on a warm knitted jumper first for a utilitarian as well as aesthetically pleasing look.

Go for double denim – you already know how much we adore this!


2. Jeans


When it comes to choosing an oversized item to have in your bottom (literally!) drawer, vintage jeans win hands down! Even if you can’t find an actual Y2K pair of wide-legged denims, vintage sites will not disappoint with 90s casual style Carhartt and Levi’s leading the way. Wear the baggy fit with a belt to avoid fully sacrificing your shape and form to the baggy design, and make sure you don’t trip yourself up (literally!) by ignoring your matching footwear, which can serve to hold up the length if turn-ups aren’t enough – Experiment to see which shoe or boot style works best for you in the baggy jeans look: Make sure your options complement each other, whether they’re hefty or ballet.

3. T-Shirts


A t-shirt alone does not constitute an ensemble, so here are some suggestions for matching your large tee with other items of clothing:


Overlay with an overshirt, denim jacket, large jacket, gilet, or floating coat.

Include an underlayer, such as a long-sleeved tee (the more striped the better).

Pair with a pair of wavy patterned or graphic bottoms, such as joggers, trackies, wide-leg trousers, or bleached jeans.

Pair with a pair of shorts, such as gym or swimwear shorts.

Enter full vintage baggy dom (oversized T and oversized bottoms).

For more style advice, see our Oversized T-Shirt blog.


  1. Tracksuit bottoms


Anyone who has lounged and chilled away many a happy hour unconstrained by the strictures of fits and fastenings attached to their bottom layer will never underestimate the joys of wearing loose-fitting trackie Bs. Tracksuit bottoms come in an amazing variety of forms and sizes, so look for subtle variances between 90s style numbers and more modern 00s designs. A pair (or two) of large sweatpants are probably the simplest thing on this list to wear. Any spare material in the length can be easily removed with the addition of a hefty retro trainer, and any excess width is quickly gathered in generously by the dependable elastic or drawstring closure, which is both smartly engineered to collect in generously.


  1. Sweatshirts


Baggy sweatshirts are truly a thing of beauty, and with secondhand styles widely (no pun intended!) available these days, no one needs ever grow bored of this marvelously easy-going and long-lasting companion. We especially enjoy wearing big college sweatshirts to show our support for a distant educational institution or varsity sports team. The large sweatshirt, like the basic T-Shirt above, may be combined and matched with its accompanying companions in a variety of ways – it truly is an adaptive player that will serve both the wearer and the world well!


  1. Hoodies


For this marvel, we’re going for a sports-branded sweatshirt (Umbro, Timberland, to mention a few), and with so many vintage numbers available, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You may go for a vintage Nike Blue Ribbon or Reebok tee from any of the many long-gone periods, or perhaps you like a plump Puma or cuddly Champion sweatshirt to lay down your statement of intent as you go about your daily business oozing confidence and contentment. One thing you can be certain of while wearing a vintage pre-loved hoodie is that you will stand out everywhere you go. The fun of vintage is the one-of-a-kind aspect of each item, so chances of being taken off guard are slim.


  1. Shirts


‘Tuck your shirt in!’, ‘Do your top button up!’, ‘Shirt sleeve order, today!’, ‘Roll your sleeves up!’ So many orders for the poor tiny old lowly shirt to contend with. But instead, we’re here to free this marvel and let it soar high and free in the huge outfit stakes. There’s no need to be concerned about how to represent this larger-than-usual object of choice! A shirt, both long and short sleeves, is just as versatile as its best friend, the tee, and you may select how to dress it in enormous mode.


Combining your shirt with a contrasting underlayer tee, adding a vibrant and edgy blazer, or tucking the ends into cargo shorts (your choice) are all options.



Has oversized always been a thing?


The 1920s were defined by a post-war aesthetic. Following Industry War I, the fashion industry underwent a significant shift: from tight corsets and hobble skirts to shapeless, oversized, and sparingly ornamented clothing. Women began to wear more comfortable clothing, such as blousy skirts and trousers.

Where can I buy oversized clothes?


You can get baggy clothes anyplace by simply ordering one or two sizes larger; a small size can be replaced by a recommendation. Medium, for example, however, is not our primary goal with this blog. Instead, we’ll show you seven unique wardrobe wonders that are incredibly effective when baggy, as well as some wonderful shops and markets where you can acquire them. We will only recommend sustainable solutions for you, in keeping with our slogan of “Shop Smart, Shop Sustainably.”


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