How to Find Your Perfect Match: The Ultimate Guide to Compatibility in Relationships

After several failed Bumble dates and Tinder hookups, you may have discovered something isn’t working out. For some, love comes easy while others have a hard time finding the ‘right one’. Hopefully, this guide helps you explore the compatibility with your matches and gets you started on your journey to find real love.

Despite the numerous matches you get on dating apps, finding real love is very difficult. Some people are quick to catch on to red flags while others miss all the clues of compatibility even when the signs are glaring at them. If you’re feeling lost in the search for true connection, perhaps it’s time to consider a different approach. Have you ever thought about seeking guidance from email psychic readings? These readings can provide insights into your romantic life that you may not have considered before.

Here’s how you can find someone who wants more than Netflix and Chill:

1. Define your red lines and no compromise zones

Everyone has a list of qualities that they are looking for in a partner. For some, it’s all about exploring new places and sharing those experiences with a special someone. Others are looking for a partner who shares their ambitions. Whatever floats your boat, it’s important to identify and define traits that you can’t compromise with and red lines that you can’t accept.

For instance, your list of must have characteristics may look like this:

  • Compassion
  • Independence
  • Kindness
  • Sense of Humor
  • Expressive

On the other hand, your list of red flags may look like this:

  • Over Possessive
  • Excessively Jealous
  • Abusive
  • Hot Headed
  • Narcissist

With psychic readings by Jessica, you’ll have an easier time identifying those traits about your potential partner.

2. Take lessons from past relationships

You’ve had a few relationships and some of them ended on a good note while others come with their own horror stories. Either way, each one of them had something to teach you about yourself and how you act with your significant other. Your relationships teach you about your preferences, the things you love, and the compromises or sacrifices you need to make. Reflect on them to identify common patterns and mistakes.

Were you too aggressive with your approach? Did you need to compromise at every step? Did your partner feel unheard? Were both of you fighting constantly instead? When did it turn from discussions to fights? As these questions pop up in your head, try to recall the answers or look for them via psychic email readings.

3. Work on yourself

Everyone has insecurities. However, when you let them control your life or skew your perception of yourself, you appear as a less confident and cranky version of yourself. You’re easily irritable and start fight for no reason. Even the most understanding partner would be driven away when they need to constantly put up with your antics and unreasonable behavior.

Instead, work on your strengths and become a more confident version of yourself. ‘You must love yourself for others to love you’ – Yes, this one’s a clique. But a clique that works!

Have a little bump at the waist? Who cares? You’re curvy!

Do you nerd out about stuff? Nerding out is hot! (Don’t overdo it though)

Do you wear the same dress at parties? No one cares except other insecure people.

Curly and frizzy hair? Well, curls are all in and make you drop-dead gorgeous!

On the other hand, if you find someone who helps you overcome your insecurities, don’t let go! You aren’t going to get a greener flag. While it’s essential to work on self-improvement, sometimes a little help from unexpected sources can also be beneficial. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, it might be worth exploring unconventional avenues like seeking guidance from a therapist, joining support groups, or even exploring alternative methods like buying magic spells online to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4. Finances and lifestyle need to align

True love can’t survive when there’s a major misalignment in financial priorities and lifestyle choices. It’s important to be transparent about these subjects early into the relationship to figure out if you have the perfect match. For instance, if you are an investment banker who needs to crunch numbers all day to grow your wealth and spend most of your time meeting business people, you would have a hard time staying in a relationship with a travel blogger.

Both of you have drastically different financial and lifestyle goals. Similarly, someone who prioritizes self-care and fitness would have a hard time staying in a relationship with a partner who is laid back about their health. Fortunately, Jessica Black’s Spell Collections has some of the best magic spell services to buy online to bridge those gaps.

Finding love isn’t a sprint. You don’t need to rush to create a master plan with a compatibility chart. Instead, treat it as a learning marathon where you grow with every interaction. When true compatibility sparks, you’ll know it intuitively and stop swiping.

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