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Glass bottles are ideal for storing water or other drinks. Glass bottles are characterized by maintaining the purity of the water and not altering its flavor. It is increasingly common to find glass bottles in home kitchens, as they can be stored in the refrigerator to keep the water cold. At we have a wide variety of glass bottles. We work with the leading brands in the glass bottle market to always offer you glass bottles of the best quality and the highest performance.

Water bottles

Water bottles preserve the purity of the water without altering its flavor, something that can happen with water bottles made of other materials. It is very common to find glass water bottles in home kitchens because they can be put in the refrigerator and thus be able to store fresh water to quench thirst, especially on hot summer days. The water bottles that you can find in our online store have varied and original designs, so that you can find the best water bottle that you like the most. If you are looking for designer water bottles, this is your website. Take a look at our glass water bottle catalog and buy your glass water bottles at the best price.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles or glass bottles will help you store water so you can drink whenever you want. Having glass bottles is an important advantage since being able to be stored in the refrigerator will allow you to drink cold water whenever you want without having to leave the water tap open waiting for it to cool down and wasting water. Check out all the glass bottle models available on our website and buy your favorite glass bottles now.

Crystal decanter

And if what you are looking for is a container to store your favorite liquors, we have a selection of decanters for you. Our glass decanters and crystal decanters feature attractive designs to hold and store your favorite spirits. Take a look at the decanters available at Diagonal Horizon.

best water bottle

Buy glass bottles

Diagonal Horizon is the best online store to buy glass bottles. We have such interesting models as the Lory 1l serve m46380 buhos glass bottle or the 1.5-liter glass bottle. At Culinarium we have a wide and varied range of bottles. We have them in different materials and characteristics, as well as different sizes, colors, and designs so that you can choose the one you need at all times and for each occasion. They are all made with high-quality materials and are designed to be practical and functional.

  • In our bottles, you can transport any type of drink, whether cold or hot. Depending on the use you are going to give it, you need a bottle made of one material or another and one size or another.
  • We have bottles with capacities from 400 ml to 1 L. With or without lids, with or without handles. Made of glass, plastic, and Stainless steel travel tumbler. We have bottles with a specific filter for tea and bottles with designs for all ages.

For example, if you want to bring tea or coffee you should use a thermal bottle; If you are looking for a water bottle to carry in your bag, the size should be small and it cannot weigh too much; If you need a bottle for hiking, ideally it should not be made of glass and should be made of a resistant material,

Additionally, it must be large enough. If you want a table bottle to serve water at meals, the ideal is for it to be made of borosilicate and with an elegant closure. We also have bottles created exclusively for children, with fun designs and caps that open very easily.

Any bottle, regardless of its use, must have a good closure. The cap must be comfortable to open and must be of good quality to prevent leaks and breakage over time. On the other hand, bottles containing plastic must be free of BPA, since it is a toxic material.

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