Managed Office Space in Pune: A Convenient Solution for Businesses

Pune is emerging to be one of the most favorable destinations for businesses that seek a favorable environment. The city is dubbed as “Oxford of the East” for its vast presence of educational institutions. Businesses are keen to lease Office Space in Pune to incorporate talented professionals who graduated from prestigious universities in Pune as a part of their workforce.  

Rising demand for flex spaces 

In the past traditional offices have become a hurdle to business growth. Enterprises are now looking for spaces that offer flexibility and a productive landscape. Likewise, it has led to demand for Managed Office Space in Pune. Flex spaces are proficient in meeting the dynamic requirements of businesses. They have gained popularity for their ability to adapt to various business needs. Here are the advantages of leasing flex spaces. 

  • Flexible Lease Terms: While looking for an office space businesses seek to lease an office space that provides a great level of flexibility. Traditional workspaces come with rigid lease terms that cause inconvenience to business entities.  With Flexible Office Space enterprises get easy lease terms that play an assistive role for enterprises to manage their finances.  
  •  Scalability:  With business growth, there is an increased office resource utilization. However, traditional office spaces are not scalable leading to them shifting offices with growth. In contrast, with managed office spaces they don’t need to worry about the need for a larger workspace as they are equipped to be scalable with business growth.  
  • Networking Opportunities: Flex space platforms provide opportunities for networking and collaboration. They are known to host cross-functional events that serve as an opportunity for like-minded professionals to interact for business benefits. 

Top Micro Markets in Pune 

The commercial landscape of Pune is very diverse. Each of them has unique characteristics that are advantageous to enterprises of different domains and scales. It is important to deep dive into the important micro market in the city.  


It is a commercial district that is easily accessible to prime regions such as airports, railway stations, and public transportation.  It is among the most promising business locations that are host to best-in-class recreational facilities to ensure adequate work-life balance. Baner provides a vibrant environment for IT startups and established firms.  


It is strategically located in eastern Pune. This region provides connectivity to major areas of Pune via Deccan College Road, Samrat Ashok Road, and Mumbai – Pune Road. The region supports a sound and vibrant infrastructure that is supported by a good public transportation network.  It is well suited for multi-national companies of different domains.   


It is known for its posh green surroundings and is a bustling hub for innovation.   This region consists of a variety of housing, business, and recreational options.  It boasts a carefully thought-out infrastructure that instils a sense of community. It is known to have a thriving business ecosystem that ensures networking opportunities for professionals to enhance their work experience.  

Kalyani Nagar 

Situated in the heart of Pune, it’s a bustling neighbourhood that provides easy access to major business hubs and educational institutions.  It provides professionals easy access to major business hubs and educational institutions. Furthermore, it boasts of a vibrant community bolstered by a rich working environment. 

Koregaon Park 

This region is well known to have charming and inspiring commercial prospects. It is widely regarded as Pune’s most prestigious neighborhoods. With the presence of public parks and green spaces, one can appreciate the natural beauty Pune has to offer. Thus, for business entities that wish to offer Pune’s quality of life, this location is the perfect place. 

Viman Nagar 

It is a neighborhood situated in Pune East that has quickly evolved into recreational centers connecting other major sections of the city.  It provides easy access to major transportation hubs such as Pune Airport and Railway station. This region comprises of a wide variety of recreational parks and wellness centers that ensure a healthy work-life balance 


Flex spaces provide an ideal solution for enterprises that seek a flexible and cost-effective workspace. Based upon the city’s diverse micro market enterprises can ensure that they can strategically position themselves for success by having a workspace in Pune.   

Business entities often look to lease a premium workspace from Smartworks. It is India’s leading flex space platform that caters to the workspace requirements of businesses ranging from emerging startups to established businesses.  

Business entities can lease a workspace from Smartworks from the following: 

  • Amar Sadanand Tech Park – Amar Business Park, Baner Road Near Radha Chowk 
  • Nyati Unitree – Yerwada Near Gunjan chowk 
  • Summer Court – Magarpatta City Near Seasons Mall 
  • Marisoft C – Kalyani Nagar Annex Near North Main Road 
  • M Agile – Pan Card Club Road, Near Baner Road 
  • Amar Pristine 81 – North Main Road Near Koregaon Park 
  • Amar Madhuban Tech Park – Baner Near Pune-Mumbai highway 
  • Amar Tech Center – Viman Nagar 

It is recommended that businesses contact Smartworks and get a first-hand impression of the premium workspace experience. 

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