How does a mining rig work

A mining rig for sale  is a machine which can be used to drill or bore holes in the ground for various purposes. In addition to acting as a hole-boring tool, drilling rigs can be used for both deviating and horizontal directional drilling. 

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A typical use of the rig is for oil and gas wells since it can be sited at any type of site where there may be a suitable crack or fissure. It can also be used for artesian wells, bored water wells such as springs, or waterwells. In some locations, drilling rigs can be used to drill rock salt caverns or underground quarries.

How does it work

Drilling Mining rigs have a large, articulated base which is free to move about in a variety of directions relative to the rig itself. The top of the base is equipped with four large tires and is raised and lowered by hydraulic rams connected to hydraulic cylinders located at each corner of the base. An operator stands on the top of the base and uses joysticks in his control console to move the rig about in three dimensions. 

A walking beam or travel block is a large, heavy metal beam which is connected to the top of the base by one or two tracks. A drilling rig with only a single track for its walking beam is referred to as a splay-legged rig. The other track on a double-tracked walking beam connects it to the machine’s power source, called its “power pack”, which holds its diesel engine, main generators, air compressor and water pumps.

A drilling rig is able to rotate around its vertical axis in order to get different sections of the well borehole below ground level and then return it above ground level for subsequent operations. This is called a “trip”. A trip may be as short as a few feet or several miles, and may involve the rig being towed from one location to another.

More modern systems use powered rotation known as rotary drilling or rotary steerable systems (RSS). These are usually powered by diesel engines that can vary in power up to 200MW. A winch, also known as a cable-tool or rotary table, is suspended and powered by the same engine/motor that drives the rotation of the drill string. The cable tool can be raised and lowered, loosing and paying out the drill string. Additional support for the drilling system can be provided by steady-state drilling motors, usually consisting of one motor per joint (set).

Drilling rig is used to bore holes in the earth surface or water bottom using hand held tools. 

In Iran we use drilling rig to explore oil and gas layer in salt dome. Drilling rig is used too to dig large basement in highlands.

In recent years the drilling rig has used to dig big holes for mines and underground water sources.


Rigs also play an important role in technology, as they are commonly used by the military to create underground hideouts, tunnels and bunkers. The United States Navy had large numbers of portableable drilling rigs (called “Logistics Civil Augmentation Program” or LCACs), which were carried on ships and deployed with inflatable rafts when required.

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