Facial cleansing face wash – when to use it and what are its benefits?

Facial skin is exposed to negative external factors and microorganisms daily and at night. Smog, air-conditioned air, and our naturally secreted sebum accompany us every day. All these factors can negatively affect the condition of our skin. This is often manifested by enlarged pores, imperfections, or dull complexion. Therefore, it is crucial to cleanse the skin daily, thanks to which the skin will be fresh, radiant, and prepared to absorb the active ingredients of subsequent care products.

What is proper facial make-up removal?

We recommend using three stages, including a facial cleansing face wash. We start with a make-up removal product based on oils or butter – an example is our emulsifying make-up removal oil and SPF SQUEEZE AN ORANGE. It can be used to remove pigments, both coloring and sun protection, as well as mascara and lipstick.

The next step is cleansing the skin – at this stage, you will get rid of impurities and makeup remnants. The face wash used at this stage should be adapted to the needs of your skin and its type – the product for dry skin and oily skin will be based on different extracts and cleansing agents.

MAKE IT CLEAR cleansing emulsion is perfect for dry skin. Thanks to its delicate formula, it will effectively cleanse even delicate and sensitive facial skin without irritation. The content protects the skin against drying and has a soothing and softening effect. However, to cleanse skin with imperfections such as acne, blackheads, or excess sebum production, the solution is a face wash for oily skin. It ensures thorough cleansing, regulates sebum secretion, and has antibacterial properties.

What are the cleaning agents used in cosmetics?

They can remove both lipophilic impurities, i.e. excess sebum that accumulates on the skin during the day, and hydrophilic impurities, in turn, these are mineral salts found in our sweat. In addition to these two groups of pollutants, cleansing substances in cosmetics also remove exfoliated epidermis cells and residues from cosmetics and makeup. Therefore, they are essential ingredients in washing the face wash.

The next and last stage is skin toning. This is an intermediate stage between cleansing and care. The main task of the tonic is to restore the physiological pH, ranging from 4.7-5.6 (slightly acidic), which is changed during skin washing. Why is this happening? Cleansing ingredients contained in face wash often require an elevated (slightly alkaline) environment to effectively remove impurities from the skin. The effect of all care products is tested in a pH similar to our skin, so restoring it is important. The tonic thus creates a base for care products that can work effectively on properly prepared skin.

Our offer includes two variants of tonics – a light refreshing mist based on lavender and mint water, GIVE pH A CHANCE, and a regenerating emulsion tonic with a ceramide complex and hyaluronic acid, BUILD ME UP.

Morning cleansing – necessary or not?

Many of you ask yourself this question. In our opinion, morning cleansing is a key element in the daily routine. Applying facial face wash after waking up will remove impurities accumulated on our skin during sleep. At this stage, we also wash off the remnants of the care products used in the evening and prepare the skin for a new action!

What mistakes can we make when cleansing the skin?

using cosmetics that are inappropriate for your skin type – this may result in disruption of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, drying out, or vice versa – insufficient cleansing

using too much cleansing cosmetic – the right amount is usually used for one pump of the product

too quick and inaccurate cleansing – for cleansing agents to cleanse the skin thoroughly, give them time. When massaging your face with the face wash and applying beauty cream– count to 30, this is the optimal time for the product to remain on the skin. Remember about the hairline, this area collects a lot of impurities that are easy to forget.

cleansing the skin too often or too rarely – using the face wash twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – will keep the skin clean without drying it out excessively.

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