Dispose of furniture – this is how it works without any problems

After some browsing, have you found your dream furniture? Wonderful! But now the question usually arises as to how best to get rid of your old copy. And do mattresses, slatted frames, and furniture frames differ when it comes to disposal? What makes things even more difficult is that things usually have to happen quickly. After all, in many apartments there is no space to temporarily store furniture for a long time. Read here how to dispose of your furniture and whether there are any costs associated with it.

Donate or sell instead of throwing away

Before you throw away the entire furniture, it’s worth taking a look at the individual parts. Maybe the furniture frame is still in good condition? Even if you no longer use it yourself, someone else might enjoy it. Selling it to used furniture buyers in Dubai is worth considering. Children’s furniture in particular sells well. Alternatively, you can donate the furniture frame to a social institution. Functional slatted frames can also be used for a good cause in this way.

Used mattresses are difficult to sell. But here too there is still the option of donating to a social institution such as Caritas. However, the prerequisite is that the sleeping pads are in good condition, clean, and free of stains. Small negative point: You have to drive the donated items to an office yourself.

Where can I dispose of my old furniture?

If selling or donating is not an option, the only option is disposal. There are various options here.

Bulky waste

In some districts and communities, there are fixed dates on which a bulky waste truck comes by. It is advisable to find out more about this. The advantage: If you dispose of your old furniture like this, you don’t pay anything extra. However, it may take a while until the next appointment.

Do you want to get rid of the furniture immediately? Then arrange your appointment. However, this is often associated with costs, so it is often not worth it for a single piece of furniture. A solution: Ask your neighbors whether they also have bulky waste there. In this case, you share the expense.

Last but not least, you have the choice of delivering the bulky waste yourself to a landfill or transfer station. In many cases, there are no costs up to a certain amount – for example, 300 kilograms.

Recycling center

It is also possible to drive the furniture to the nearest recycling center or recycling center. A quick search on the internet will tell you what it is.

It should be noted that recycling centers usually only collect waste separated by material: the wooden parts of the furniture go into a different container than elements made of metal or plastic. It is therefore advisable to disassemble the piece of furniture and its accessories beforehand. Mattresses are a special case. It’s best to take a look at the recycling center’s website to see if there is a container for this. Otherwise, it will have to go to the trash.

Disposing of furniture at a recycling center is usually free of charge or involves very little cost. So that you don’t set off in vain, we recommend taking a look at the opening times beforehand. Or if you want to earn some extra money simply send it to Used Furniture Dubai.

What to do with old duvets and pillows?

Duvets and pillows are much easier to dispose of than furniture. Are these still in good condition? Then the nearest used clothing container is the right address. Pack furniture in plastic bags to prevent it from getting dirty. Simply throw damaged blankets and pillows into the trash. It is best to tie them tightly together with string or tape. Then they don’t take up so much space in the bin. The neighbors will be happy if you share a residual waste bin in an apartment building.

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