Creating Sacred Spaces: Designing an Authentic Yoga Experience for Your Students

Do you own a Yoga studio but are lagging behind in providing authentic yoga experiences to your students? Keep reading to know how you can infuse authenticity and add real value to your student’s yoga experience.

Yoga is a posture-based fitness activity that needs deep concentration on every breath and movement. It is not just about teaching yogic poses but also providing a seamless experience that will help the students physically and mentally. A Yoga session must infuse mindfulness, focus and concentration, strength, and flexibility in the learner’s experience. Any wrong step or minor mistake in the posture or the breathing technique can harm the human body. Hence it is essential to teach and learn yoga in its more natural and authentic form.

“An authentic Yoga instructor helps in reconnecting with your inner self to understand your true purpose.”

This article will guide you on how you can provide an authentic yoga experience without interrupting your workflow. Also, adhering to this article helps stand out from your competitors.

Ways to Create an Authentic Yoga Experience

Passion to Enhance Yoga Experience

The yoga instructor’s passion for yoga resonates in their teaching style. A dedicated yoga teacher always ensures to teach yoga in its real form without adding or eliminating the steps. Thus, providing an authentic yoga experience to their students. Create a welcoming space, showcase your knowledge, explain the importance of asanas, and make the sessions interactive. Eventually, the actions you take in providing authentic yoga sessions to your students will show how passionate you are about teaching yoga and changing people’s lives.

Teaching yoga just for the sake of it, without proper knowledge and passion will sway the students away. Students enjoy the sessions and stay loyal to your services when your passion and authenticity are reflected in your teaching. Yoga connects the mind, body, and soul. Regular practice of yoga leads to a stress-free life. Hence, it is a practice that should be learned only from a passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Also, a true yoga practitioner guides the learners to embrace the growth journey and live a healthy, stress-free life.

The start and end of the class matters

To maintain the authenticity of the yoga practices, it is essential to start and end the sessions by filling the space and practitioner’s minds with intention. Many of your students may enter the yoga sessions after a hectic day with tense or stressful minds. Hence, starting the session right away can lead to a distracted and unproductive session affecting the authenticity of yoga practices. Therefore, it is essential to unwind the mood by practicing calmness and mindfulness before starting the main practices of the class.

The same goes for ending the sessions too. Make your students carry the sessions’ learnings, energy, and mindfulness into the rest of the day. Consider playing soft music, chanting mantras, or simple movements to set an intention and provide attentive and unruffled yoga sessions.

Provide seamless backend services

Designing an authentic yoga experience for your students does not just include teaching yoga and asanas. It also includes providing seamless class and booking management. Managing a Yoga class can be tedious in old-school and traditional ways. It includes managing bookings, schedules, calls, spreadsheets, class durations, no-shows and cancellations, payments, client database, and more. Hence, managing such administrative tasks manually can be hectic and time-consuming.

You can give your undivided attention to providing exceptional yoga classes only if you spend less time on the backend work and more on the teaching-learning process of yoga. And how is that possible? Heads Up to Picktime, a cloud-based yoga trainers scheduling software and class management platform. It provides a wide range of features such as online appointment booking, automated scheduling, calendar synchronization, client database management, 24hrs email support, team management, and more, all within a few clicks and in one place

Allow your customers to seamlessly book your sessions on the days they prefer based on your availability. Picktime schedules all the bookings in your calendar automatically without human intervention. It also assigns your team members to the classes and allows you to track each session with detailed reports. Additionally, Picktime provides a free customizable booking URL that can be used to book your yoga classes efficiently. It is integrated with 30+ applications that provide effective email management, payments, external calendars, virtual video call applications, and more that require no additional installations.

As a Yoga instructor, you can make the best use of the class management features of Picktime. Yoga trainers can also set the duration of classes, number of slots, and recurring sessions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Some key features of Picktime include attendance, waitlist, reports, invoices, recurring classes, class recordings, buffer time, and more.

Keep your students’ needs first

When you understand your students well, you can provide authentic and result-oriented practice sessions. Besides, any teaching-learning process demands a two-way interaction for a productive and result-oriented learning experience. In Yoga, communicating and interacting with your students is important as well. Therefore, to provide an authentic and real experience of the benefits of Yoga, it is essential to know your student’s priorities, preferences, and consent.

Interacting with your students will help build relationships and enable an authentic yoga experience. It adds to the personalized approach of teaching and allows the implementation of feedback. It helps to provide customized Yoga practices corresponding to their expected results such as fat loss, weight loss, cure ailments, health benefits, etc.

Learn, Upgrade, Repeat

The more you dig, the deeper it gets.

Yoga is one field where there is no end to exploring your mind and body’s capabilities. The more you learn, the more you upgrade, and the better and more authentic yoga experience you can provide to your students. As a yoga practitioner, it is important to balance personal yoga sessions and teaching sessions. Hence, it is vital to provide seamless in-class and backend services without disrupting the workflow and authenticity.

A passionate Yoga learner must never put an end to exploring Yoga as a whole as it builds a transparent relationship with the inner self. The more you are connected and aware of your inner self, the more authentic your teachings get.


Teaching Yoga is not limited to teaching the postures and asanas. It is not only about helping a person reconnect with their inner self but also leading them to the true path of life. It is essential to be authentic and transparent while teaching yoga as it enhances yoga experience and has tremendous benefits on the physical and mental health of the practitioner. Check out Picktime to eliminate the problem of manual and time-consuming processes.

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