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Why Spring is the Best Time to List Your Home on the Market

Spring is undeniably one of the busiest seasons of the year when people come out in the open to enjoy the extra hours of sunshine. But do you know that spring is a busy season for the real estate market as well? This is the time when the inventory of the Okanagan homes for sale is at its peak and the buyer pool goes at an all-time high. With the weather getting warmer and the school year coming to an end, it is one of the best opportunities to make a big purchase in preferred locations. However, a large buyer pool may also mean huge competition and high prices.

Here is why the demand for Okanagan homes for sale is the highest during spring and the reason for sellers to list their properties.

Get More Money

One of the reasons why listing your property for selling in spring is ideal, is the high selling price. Reports reveal that more citizens prefer selling their homes from April to June. But a lot depends on the site of the property. The breathtaking view of the Okanagan Valley and the richness of the soil are why people tend to buy houses in this area. When the real estate market is busy, it will fetch you higher price for the property. You are more likely to accept a low offer when the interest is less compared to higher interest rates. So, when planning to sell your Okanagan homes during the spring, you need to set out with high hopes and find the best places to list your property online.


The clocks go forward during the spring and the days are longer. When longer days combine with warm weather, more people are likely to view the listed properties than in the winter months. Moreover, the properties look attractive when the sky turns blue and the sun shines right away. Generally, the people are in good spirits during this time after the long dark winters. So, it’s time you list the property in the best lights.

Get a Good Start

If you still have time to bring your property out into the market, reaching potential buyers may mean some extra effort, and online listing allows people to get a head start. Selling your home may also mean that you will crave to buy another property. On the one hand, you can list your property for selling, and on the other, watch for the properties that have been put up for sale in the neighbourhoods you prefer.

Get Access to More Prospective Buyers

Once the weather warms up during the spring, Kelowna luxury real estate seems to be buzzing with activities. Naturally, you will come across more potential buyers in the market during this time. As a rule of thumb, people start shopping for homes at this time due to the sunny weather and more availability of homes in the market. Moreover, the beginning of the summer months is when children attend the new academic sessions and the right opportunity for parents to move with their kids. The weather is conducive to moving.

Show The Curb Appeal

Spring is one season when the curb appeal of the home is at an all-time high. So, if you decide to sell your home during spring, your property is sure to be at its best. With the curb appeal kicking up higher, thanks to the green grasses and leaves, the soothing colours of the flowers, and the warm sunshine, spring is the season to do things right.

Home Improvement

Several properties listed for sale during the summer get the opportunity to carry out small renovation works to rev up the prices. You too can check whether the property you want to sell needs a makeover before going for listing. Whether it is de-cluttering or fixing the major errors during this weather to get things done. Spring is the season when you get a couple of holidays. Make sure you can get things done during the holidays.

More People Are Outdoors

The sunny weather and the breathtaking views guarantee that more people stay out of doors during the spring. Naturally, there are more chances of your property being viewed by the people and a better opportunity for finding a buyer faster. Generally, buyers taper off during the winter, particularly in several parts of the country that turn frigid. Everyone goes nuts during the blooming season and is twice more willing to close the real estate deals.

Moving home is more convenient during the spring and summer when the moving professionals help with the heavy lifting tasks. Although listing your house during spring is a personal decision, it is the time when things work for you to maximise the selling price. Justin O’Connor Group is where you can list your Okanagan homes for sale, buying and selling to get maximum exposure.

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