Axis Bank Credit Card Perks You Didn’t Know Existed

In the fast-paced world of credit cards, it’s easy to overlook the myriad benefits that often lie beneath the surface. Axis Bank, a prominent player in the financial realm, offers a range of credit card perks that can elevate your financial experience to new heights. In this article, we’ll delve into the lesser-known advantages that come with Axis Bank credit cards, unraveling the secrets to a more rewarding credit journey.

Up to 50 Days of Interest-Free Credit Period

Imagine enjoying a generous credit period of up to 50 days on your purchase transactions without incurring any finance charges. This perk becomes applicable when your previous bill has been settled in full by the payment due date. It’s a golden opportunity to manage your expenses smartly while avoiding unnecessary finance charges. Please note that this benefit is not applicable to cash transactions.

Extended Credit Facility with Axis Bank Signature Credit Card

Axis Bank Signature Credit Card holders have the privilege of an extended credit facility, allowing them to make a purchase at any time and opt for installment payments according to their convenience. The repayment options include paying the minimum amount due (5% of the bill amount, subject to a minimum of Rs 100) with the remaining amount spread over subsequent months, paying the total amount due, or choosing any amount between the minimum and total amount due.

Mobile Alerts for Smart Financial Management

Stay in control of your finances with Axis Bank’s mobile alerts. Receive timely notifications about your credit card transactions, payment due dates, and other important updates, ensuring that you are always aware and can manage your finances efficiently.

Interest-Free Period and Revolve Facility

Axis Bank credit cardholders benefit from an interest-free period, providing a window of time during which you can make purchases without incurring interest. Additionally, the Revolve facility allows you to carry forward a balance from one month to the next, providing flexibility in managing your finances.

Cash Advance Facility Worldwide

Need cash in a pinch? With your Axis Bank Signature Credit Card, you can withdraw cash up to 30% of your credit limit from over 1 million Visa ATMs globally. In India, access cash 24/7 from any of the 18,000 ATMs displaying the Visa sign. It’s a convenient and secure way to meet your immediate cash needs.

Protect Your PIN and Use Cash Advance Wisely

To prevent any unauthorized use of your ATM PIN, it’s crucial to enter the PIN yourself on the POS terminal and refrain from sharing it with merchants or anyone else. Taking a few necessary precautions while entering your PIN adds an extra layer of security to your transactions.


Your Axis Bank Credit Card is more than just a payment tool; it’s a gateway to a world of exclusive benefits. By exploring and understanding these lesser-known perks, you can maximize the value of your credit card and make the most of your financial journey. So, the next time you swipe your best credit card, remember the hidden treasures that come with it. Your financial adventure just got a whole lot more rewarding!

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