7 Ways the Intel i7 vPro Sets You Up for Success

As a busy professional, you likely feel there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Whether you’re juggling multiple projects, managing a team, or having a million little tasks competing for your attention, staying on top of your workload can feel like a constant struggle. But what if there was a way to get more done in less time and feel less stressed out in the process? 

That’s where having the right laptop for your needs comes in. In particular, the low-priced  Intel i7 vPro  processor could be a game-changer for your productivity. 

Keep reading to discover seven ways the Intel i7 vPro can help you work smarter and get more accomplished each day.

1. Remote Manageability

One of the biggest productivity drainers is having to physically be present to address IT issues like software installations, updates, or troubleshooting problems. But with the built-in vPro management capabilities of low-priced Intel i7 vPro processors, you can remotely manage your laptop from anywhere via a simple browser-based dashboard. This means no more waiting around for the IT department; you can take care of maintenance and issues yourself from the comfort of your couch!

2. Enhanced Security

As a busy professional, security is also a top priority since you likely access important documents and emails on the go. 

  • Hardware-level encryption: The low-priced Intel i7 vPro utilizes hardware-based encryption at the chip level. This protects sensitive files and data even if your laptop is lost or stolen, as no software or operating system access is required to decrypt stored information.
  • Intel Hardware Shield: As part of the vPro platform, Intel Hardware Shield utilizes technologies like Intel Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET) and Intel Total Memory Encryption (Intel TME) to defend against malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks from the hardware up. Even the most advanced threats have a difficult time bypassing these protections.
  • Fingerprint authentication: Conveniently unlock your laptop with just your fingerprint for a fast, secure login. No more forgetting passwords or dealing with weak, easily-guessed PINs. Your fingerprint data is also stored securely on the TPM 2.0 chip and is not accessible by the operating system for added privacy.
  • Geo-location tracking: If your laptop is misplaced or stolen, Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) allows you to geo-locate the laptop using its embedded cellular chip even when it’s powered down. You’ll get alerts if the laptop leaves your company premises for added theft protection.
  • Automatic BIOS updates: the low-priced Intel i7 vPro platform seamlessly handles BIOS and firmware updates in the background. You no longer have to manually install low-level updates that help patch security vulnerabilities, freeing up your time for more important tasks.
  • Removable media blocking: With Intel vPro, you can block external storage devices from auto-running files through group policy settings. This prevents malware from infecting your laptop through insecure USB drives without disrupting your authorized usage of removable media.
  • Corporate network protection: Advanced features like encrypted VPN ensure your connection and transmitted data remain private even on untrusted networks. Your IT department also gains visibility and control over devices’ network activity for better security monitoring.

3. Smooth Multitasking

Whether you’re juggling back-to-back video calls, editing large documents, or having dozens of browser tabs open, you need a laptop that can handle everything you throw at it without lag or slowdowns. The low-priced Intel i7 vPro delivers the powerful processing and graphics performance required to seamlessly switch between tasks without waiting around for apps to load. So you maintain your momentum and maximize every minute of the workday.

4. Long Battery Life

There’s nothing more disruptive to your workflow than your laptop dying mid-project. But thanks to the energy-efficient design of Intel i7 vPro chips, you’ll enjoy all-day battery life to keep powering through tasks from dawn to dusk. No more worrying about finding outlets or cutting tasks short because low-power alerts keep interrupting your focus.

5. Streamlined Collaboration

In today’s workplace, collaboration and teamwork are essential. The low-priced Intel i7 vPro makes it effortless with built-in WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt 4 for lightning-fast connectivity, whether you’re sharing large files, joining video meetings, or working seamlessly with remote colleagues in real time.

6. Future-Proof Performance

While other laptops start to show their age after a year or two, the low-priced Intel i7 vPro continues to deliver rapid, lag-free performance for many years thanks to its powerful processing capabilities.

  • Hardware-accelerated AI: Intel vPro chips contain AI acceleration through Intel Iris Xe graphics and Deep Learning Boost instructions. This allows your laptop to harness the power of AI for tasks like image recognition, natural language processing and more through future software updates.
  • Long-term BIOS support: Intel provides BIOS updates for 7+ years, so your laptop can continue running the latest operating systems long after other brands are obsolete.
  • Ongoing processor improvements: Each generation of Intel vPro chips offers double-digit percentage performance boosts. So even older vPro laptop models stay fast and relevant much longer than consumer devices without built-in manageability.
  • Long lifecycle support: As a business-class device, Intel backs the vPro platform with service options as long as 5 or even 7 years after end-of-sale. You avoid prematurely replacing still-capable laptops thanks to extended security updates and repairs.
  • Intel Evo certified: The vPro platform meets Intel’s rigorous Evo standards for responsiveness, battery life, and instant wake. You get buttery smooth performance that feels just as fast for many years of use.
  • Integrated Thunderbolt 4: With Thunderbolt 4 ports that support data transfer speeds up to 40 GB/s, you have plenty of bandwidth for high-resolution external monitors, fast storage expansion and more. Your laptop stays future-proofed for emerging docking and accessory technologies.

7. Simple Deployment

For IT administrators, the deployment and management of devices can be a time-consuming chore. But Intel worked directly with top software vendors to ensure one-click simplicity when imaging and deploying i7 vPro laptops across entire fleets. Things like BIOS and driver updates are also automated through the vPro management console for low-maintenance deployment you can rely on.

In Summary

If getting more done in less time has become your number one priority, it may be time to upgrade your laptop. An Intel i7 vPro processor is a simple way to supercharge your productivity. Between the powerful performance, built-in security features, simplified management tools, and support for seamless collaboration, it’s easy to see how the Intel i7 vPro can help you work smarter and accomplish more each and every workday.

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