10 Tips to Choose the Best Exhibition Stall Designers in Mumbai

Organizing an exhibition and setting up an attractive stall is key to drawing in potential customers and clients. However, finding the right exhibition stall designers in Mumbai can be quite a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, how do you ensure that you pick the best one suited for your business? 

This comprehensive guide shares 10 essential tips on what you must look for when selecting exhibition stall designers in Mumbai. It covers critical factors like creativity, experience, pricing, and post-event services that you must evaluate. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to pick the best exhibition contractor for your next trade show.

Look for Creative Designing Abilities

The first thing to check when picking an exhibition stall designer is their creative abilities. Since the stall layout and decor need to grab eyeballs, you need contractors with graphic designing skills to conceptually plan the look and feel. The stall themes, colors, lighting, textures, and glory walls or false ceilings must stand out at the venue. 

Check the exhibition stall designer’s portfolio to understand their creative aesthetics. See if they can design customizable stalls in line with your brand image. Their catalog must showcase previous works fitting different client themes and budgets. This gives you confidence in their versatile design capabilities.

Ensure They Have Relevant Industry Experience

Along with creative talent, the exhibition stall designers must have relevant experience in building stalls specifically for your industry. For example, the décor requirements for a lifestyle exhibition will vary from machinery and tech shows. Ensure your designer has worked on shows related to your field earlier.

You need them to understand the unique needs of displaying your products/services. An experienced player will better visualize stall elements that attract your target audiences. They can also recommend what’s worked in the past for similar clients. So do check the types of industries they’ve built stalls for in their work history.

Review Their Construction Quality

Beautiful designs alone cannot make an exhibition stand out if the construction quality is poor. Your stall structure needs to safely handle lighting, sound, electrical and IT wiring along with display materials. So review the designers’ stall construction capabilities too. 

Ask specific questions about the materials they use like octonorm systems, wall , modular furniture, floorings, etc. See if they offer flexible construction options for standard and customized stalls. Make sure they follow safety norms and quality checks during on-site builds. This ensures your stall structure withstands venue footfall without wear and tear.

Compare Pricing of Different Vendors

Exhibition stalls can cost you anything between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000 per sq. ft depending on specifications. But don’t select designers based on cost alone. Balance pricing against their creative design strengths, construction quality, experience, etc.

Still, comparing the rates of a few shortlisted contractors is wise. The pricing can vary based on material and stall design types too. For example, basic octonorm stalls tend to cost less than customized stalls with add-ons. See what’s included in each vendor’s pricing—just the bare stall or other elements like furniture, electricals, branding graphics, etc. This gives clarity on potential hidden costs.

Understand Their Ordering and Billing Processes

Now let’s get to the fine print! Before finalizing any exhibition design company, understand their ordering and invoicing timeline clearly. 

Know how much in advance they need the stall details and payment—this varies from 2 weeks to a month across vendors. Enquire if they accept installment-based payments for larger budgets. Also, find out if last-minute design changes invite added costs. Having clarity on these beforehand means no pricing surprises later.

Review Flexibility for Customization

Every exhibition stall needs an element of customization to stand apart, beyond standard sizes and designs. You may want non-standard graphics, themes, materials, add-ons, etc. for your brand visibility. Hence, gauge how much customization flexibility prospective designers offer.

Are they open to innovative and even out-of-the-box design ideas? Can they source bespoke materials and décor if you so need? What are their capabilities for customized carpentry, acrylic branding, digital screens, etc.? Finally, do they have in-house fabrication for building non-standard stalls or will they outsource? Knowing this determines how unique they can make your stall beyond baseline templates.

Check Client References and Testimonials

Any exhibition designer will showcase their best works in portfolios. But an additional credibility check comes from speaking to their past clients directly.

Check testimonials on the designers’ website to know about client satisfaction levels. Further, request 2-3 client references of stalls built in your industry specifically. Get in touch with their previous exhibitors and enquire about overall service quality. This helps validate factors beyond visual portfolios like stall construction, durability, on-site handling, etc.

Understand Post-Event Services Offered

Your dealings with the exhibition stall firm do not end once the event is over. Analyze what post-event services your shortlisted designers offer regarding stall dismantling, storage and rebuild support.

Most contracts cover timely dismantling and removal of debris after event closure. But actual (re)construction services may come at added costs later. So clarify if they store your stall elements and rebuild booths for reuse at the next event you participate in. These post-show services ensure additional savings and convenience.

Review In-House Team vs Subcontracting

Understand if your shortlisted designer has in-house production capabilities or if they will subcontract parts of your work. In-house teams indicate better construction quality control and convenient coordination.

Ask specifics about who will fabricate the stall base structure. Do they have graphic designers and visualizers on payroll for design conceptualization? Finally, what portion of the actual on-site building and post-show dismantling do they handle directly? 

Closely review what works get outsourced to external vendors too for fabrication, carpentry, electricals etc. This gives you a holistic picture of delivery control.

Meet In-Person Before Ordering

No amount of scanning portfolios can substitute for an in-person meeting at the exhibition contractor’s office. This is a must-do step before finally awarding any project. Meet their team to align better on requirements, take office tour to view in-house capabilities and clarify all doubts.

Additionally, check the overall conduct, professionalism and seriousness through prior interactions. Also review visit timings for design meetings once you order. Such physical coordination is crucial over the one month build phase and ensures you pick the right partner.


Choosing the ideal exhibition stall designer in mumbai amongst countless vendors seems challenging. But following the 10 evaluation criteria above will hugely ease decision making. Identify designers with versatile conceptualization skills in line with branding needs. Review construction quality standards, cost-effectiveness, customization capabilities and post-event support too.

Following these insider tips on picking the best exhibition contractors help identify the right stall partner for your next showcase! Leverage these pointers for maximum stall visibility and impact at any trade event in Mumbai.

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