Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai Chapter 5


Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai is a light novel written by Natsumi Aida and illustrated by Kurone Mishima. The novel was published by Shueisha on March 19, 2015, and is currently ongoing with five volumes. An anime adaptation by studio Deen aired from October to December 2016.

The story follows high school student Asahina San, who dreams of becoming a great chef like her mother. However, she soon discovers that she lacks the talent for cooking. Undeterred, Asahina decides to open a bento shop with her friends in order to learn how to make delicious food.

Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai is a heartwarming story about friendship, determination, and the love of food. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and enjoyable read, then I highly recommend this novel.

Chapter 5 Summary

In Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai Chapter 5, we learn more about Asahina’s past and what led her to become a bento delivery girl. We also see her interacting with her customers and getting to know them better.

Asahina has always been a bit of an outsider. She was never quite sure how to fit in with her peers and always felt like she was just a little bit different. When she was younger, she loved to cook and would often make bentos for her family and friends. However, she never really felt like she belonged in the kitchen and was always a bit envious of her friends who could cook so effortlessly.

Asahina’s desire to become a bento delivery girl stems from her love of food and her desire to connect with people. She loves being able to interact with her customers and get to know them better. In many ways, her job as a delivery girl has allowed her to find her place in the world.

Chapter 5 is a heartwarming chapter that highlights Asahina’s strengths and her ability to connect with others. It is a great read for anyone who is looking for a feel-good story.

Asahina San’s Bentou

Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai Chapter 5 is the fifth and final chapter of the Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai light novel series. It was released on March 31, 2015.

The story follows Asahina San, a high school girl who loves to cook, as she goes about her everyday life. In this final chapter, Asahina San finally gets to try her hand at making a bento for her crush, Kawamura. But things didn’t go as planned…

As always, Asahina San’s bentos are packed with love and care. However, this time she accidentally puts in too much wasabi, causing Kawamura to tear up. Even though it wasn’t the perfect bento, Kawamura still appreciated the effort and enjoyed it.

In the end, Asahina San and Kawamura share a touching moment as they both realize that they care for each other. It’s a heartwarming end to a lovely light novel series.

Themes and Symbols

In the fifth chapter of Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai, the four themes and symbols are introduced. The first theme is time, which is symbolized by the hourglass. The second theme is space, which is symbolized by the stars. The third theme is life, which is symbolized by the flowers. The fourth theme is death, which is symbolized by the skull.

The four themes and symbols are important because they represent the four aspects of the human experience. Time, space, life, and death are all things that we must grapple with in our lives. The hourglass, stars, flowers, and skull are all symbols that help us to understand these things.

The hourglass is a symbol of time because it is a device that measures the passage of time. The stars are a symbol of space because they are objects that are far away from us. The flowers are a symbol of life because they are beautiful and fragile. The skull is a symbol of death because it is a reminder of our own mortality.

The four themes and symbols are important because they help us to understand the human experience. They are also important because they are beautiful and mysterious.


As we reach the end of Asahina San’s bento eating adventure, we can’t help but feel full of admiration for her. Not only did she manage to try a huge variety of different bentos, but she also did so with enthusiasm and an open mind.

It’s been a pleasure following her journey, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too. Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ll join us again for future installments of Asahina San No Bentou Tabetai!

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